“I would like to give a big shout out to Erin Baer at @parfitnesstraining for helping me achieve some personal goals of mine! I’ve been working with her now a little over a month and have already made some big improvements. I’ve gone from 9% to 6.34% body fat without losing any muscle size through the Holiday. Not only does she make workout regimens for you, but also gives you a meal plan. If your looking for some help dieting, working out, or rehabbing an injury. I would definitely recommend talking to her. I’m not saying you need to be a walking model, but taking care of yourself should be the highest priority! Good luck to everyone in 2017!! It’s definitely going to be a GREAT year … #keepyamindrightandyabodytight#keepgrinding#golferlife #golf⛳️ — with Erin baer in Broomfield, Colorado.”

After 8 weeks

“This program is AWESOME!!  It’s not your traditional boring routines that most coaches give to their athletes. Each routine is specifically designed to help you achieve your aspirations in life. Not only does my body feel 100x better, but I feel stronger and more flexible than before. The best part is that most of the workouts you can do outside of the gym if you’re on a time crunch.” 

Francisco A.

When I met Erin I did not know how much she would change my life, but from the start of our conversation I could see how educated she was when it comes to health and fitness and her passion for it was exuberant. From day one Erin helped to guide me and educate me on my fitness journey to be a bikini competitor, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and even exceed them I started out at a measly 98 lbs. hoping to gain 10 lbs. of muscle and drop my body fat percentage to be show ready.

I’m now 117lbs., making for a 19lb. gain and I am still going! I dropped from 19% to 11% body fat to look my best on stage… After 4 months of training with Erin I am in the best shape of my life and I feel physically and mentally healthier and happier than ever! I truly couldn’t have reached my goals without her support as a coach, mentor, and friend.

If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and GENUINELY cares, then Erin is your girl!