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When it comes to golf, you must be Absolute.


                                                                                   You absolutely have to have a good grip…

                                                                                   You absolutely have to have good posture…

                                                                                   You absolutely have to have a good stance…

                                                                                   You absolutely have to have good impact…


Chan Bush and Erin Baer are a father/daughter team who understands what it takes to play Absolute Golf. Playing golf their entire lives, they have developed a dynamic integrated approach to the game.  Golf is a simple game that is made up of fundamentals that we tend to make more complex. With Chan and Erin on your side, you will learn what it takes to play Absolute Golf through Par Fitness. The site is designed to give you information through 4 areas: Mental, Physical, Nutritional and Golf Lessons.

The Mental Game is the most complex area when it comes to golf. Through your subscription you will be given the tools that will help you understand the mental game and how to conquer it. Covering thoughts, feelings/emotions, stress and anything in between.

The Physical Side is simply getting physical through Exercise and Cardio which will cover everything from Balance, Flexibility, Strength and Cardio.

The Nutrition aspect will give you information in regards to food and why it’s important.

Lessons: This is where we will dive into the swing itself, from putting, chipping, iron shots and drives.


Meet the Team

The Father/Daughter


Erin Baer

Founder & Owner

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Specialist Erin Baer helps clients reach their goals in all areas of golf, mentally and physically. As an avid golfer herself, Erin understands the fundamentals as well as the discipline, hard work and focus it takes to be at the top of your game. As a previous collegiate athlete Erin knows the flexibility, stability and strength the game demands which by improving will improve your scores while having fun. Erin is professional, knowledgeable and experienced. To learn more about how Erin can help you achieve Absolute Golf and push you beyond your limits, contact Erin today.


Chan Bush

Golf Professional

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